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Welcome to Fine IT Solutions, where we proudly stand as your dedicated Silver Partner for 3CX (Cloud PBX) communication systems in Australia. In an era defined by the rapid evolution of technology, communication lies at the heart of every successful enterprise. We recognize the pivotal role that seamless communication plays in driving business growth and fostering meaningful connections. As your trusted provider, we introduce you to 3CX, a robust and fully-featured communication solution meticulously crafted to empower your business. With 3CX, you have the power to transcend the constraints of time and place, forging connections with your colleagues and customers anytime, anywhere. The extensive array of features and advanced functionalities that 3CX offers transforms it into the quintessential choice for contemporary businesses seeking a communication solution that seamlessly marries efficiency with adaptability. 

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Key Features of 3CX

Here is a breakdown of why 3CX is the solution for your business:

Telephony - Cloud PBX

  • Stay connected and productive with web clients and mobile applications that enable remote working.
  • Access your communication system from anywhere, allowing you to make and receive calls on any device.


  • Enjoy the benefits of video communication without the need for additional add-ons.
  • Conduct video conferences, virtual meetings, and face-to-face conversations with ease.

Live Chat

  • Engage with your customers in real time through your website or Facebook using the integrated live chat feature.
  • Provide instant assistance, answer queries, and enhance customer satisfaction.


  • Enable instant customer interaction by allowing them to communicate with your business via SMS.
  • Send notifications, updates, and promotions directly to your customers' mobile devices.


  • Seamlessly integrate 3CX with popular CRM systems, Microsoft 365, and Teams.
  • Streamline your workflows, enhance productivity, and ensure smooth collaboration.

Cost Efficiency

  • Reduce your phone bill, eliminate the need for costly add-ons, and avoid expensive hardware investments.
  • Experience a cost-effective communication solution that fits your budget and offers long-term savings.


  • Keep your existing phone numbers and choose your preferred phones and service providers.
  • Customize your communication setup to meet your specific requirements and preferences.


  • 3CX includes advanced security features to protect your communication system and data.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your communications are secure and protected from threats.

Installation Options

  • Deploy 3CX on-premises or choose a hosted solution based on your business needs.
  • Benefit from the flexibility to install 3CX on a variety of platforms, including MiniPC, Raspberry Pi, Hyper-V, VMware, or KVM.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Fine IT Solutions for 3CX phone systems

Experience and Expertise

With our extensive experience in implementing communication solutions, we are your trusted silver partner for 3CX.

Customized Solutions

We understand your unique business needs and tailor 3CX to align with your specific requirements.

Seamless Integration

Our experts ensure smooth integration with your existing systems, including CRMs and Microsoft 365.

Training and Support

We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to help you maximize the benefits of 3CX.

Global Recognition

Join over 600,000 satisfied customers globally who have embraced 3CX for their communication needs.

3CX is a software-based IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system that provides VoIP communication and collaboration services for businesses. It allows organizations to set up and manage their own phone systems, including voice, video, chat, and other communication features, often replacing traditional phone systems.

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